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Ending the story of modern-day slavery.

Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

The Storied JEDI

Cultivate a culture of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in your workplace through storytelling in a 14-session video program available on demand. 

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A4Abolitionist is a human rights consultancy committed to abolishing all forms of modern-day slavery, including human trafficking, punitive incarceration, and immigrant detention.

Mission &

Through visual storytelling, systems change program design, and companion resources, A4Abolitionist combats all forms of modern-day slavery by equipping everyone with the knowledge and tools to be an abolitionist.

A4Abolitionist envisions a united abolition movement across punitive incarceration, immigrant detention, and human trafficking that centers the experiences of BIPOC women and girls to create a world where all people are free to thrive.


My Story

I am an abolitionist. 

I founded A4Abolitionist, a human rights consultancy, to combat all forms of modern-day slavery. Human trafficking, punitive incarceration, and immigrant detention have impacted my life and the lives of so many others. We can stop those injustices and create systemic change for the future by deconstructing the prison industrial complex and building new systems that advance transformative and healing justice. Previously, I have run a college office on social justice, developed higher education in prison programs, created systems maps from stories of sexual violence survivors, and designed curricula on abolition. Now, I combine research and storytelling to develop initiatives that center the experiences of BIPOC women and girls to end the story of modern-day slavery. Connect with me to learn about my consulting services, educational tools, and other offerings.

Partnerships and Projects
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What Clients Have to Say

Working with Christina...was an honour and one of the highlights of my practice over the last few years. Christina’s involvement brought to the table a wellspring of ideas, inspiring conversations, intellectual rigour, unwavering passion, and profound care for real changes in an unjust system which, ultimately, imprisons us all. She has an unmatched sensitivity in hosting and debating with a wide range of participants from different communities and backgrounds, and a deep-seated commitment to diverse research and scholarship on this pressing, urgent issue. I very much look forward to our continued dialogue and exchange.

Phil Collins
Visual Artist and Filmmaker

Getting the chance to meet and to work with Christina was truly one of the biggest highlights of my last few months at Creative Time. I learned so much and we never could have accomplished Bring Down The Walls without her. Her wide ranging knowledge, thoughtfulness and passion are an inspiration.

Alyssa Nitchun
Executive Director at Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art

Christina gets things done! She is entrepreneurial, a team player, and a deeply ethical person. She was a founding member of the Justice-in-Education Initiative, bringing educational programming to incarcerated and formerly-incarcerated people. She was a key person is establishing this successful program, working with people from offices within Columbia University by bridging the communications and facilitating the collaboration.

Mia Ruyter
Education, Outreach, and Communications specialist


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